Brand Clarity For Business Owners.

You’re a kickass leader, conscious disrupter, and purpose-led entrepreneur making the world a brighter place.

But does your branding expose your genius, cut through the noise, and get you ahead of the game?

When you work with us to develop your brand strategy and brand identity, the results are inevitable:

Brand awareness. Avid fans. Viral content. People throwing money at you.

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Set The TONE.

Be known for who you are

Your brand has to fit your business goals, vision and values in order to be authentic, clearly understood and valued in your marketplace. To be distinctive and have impact your brand creative comes after defining your brand strategy to meet clearly understood audience needs. We work with you to fully define your brand in every dimension, using our well proven strategic branding methodology.

Cut Through The Marketing Noise and Stand Out From The Competition.

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind and memorable brand identity developed from scratch, or you require a brand overhaul, we’ll use ethical, brain-hacking strategies to influence your customers on a psychological level.

It’s like magic. But once we’re done working with you, magic becomes your second choice.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with these guys! Uneke Branding has over delivered on my expectations for this project.” 


Uneke Branding was a pleasure to work with! The team listened to my needs and wants and developed a website and brand that truly reflected my personality, values, and the clientele that I work with. Uneke Branding is efficient and detail-oriented. I am beyond grateful for their innovation and creativity!

Jennifer C. Kasey, Psy.D., HSP, Redirection Counseling

Let’s work together.

Do you

  • Dream of a brand that draws light from your uniqueness, and is not a carbon copy of your competitor?

  • Break boundaries, challenge the norm, and defy limits?

  • Know your business plan, core values, and offer by heart?

  • Contemplate re-branding to increase your influence and grow your income?

  • Want to sell with confidence and integrity?

  • Value fun, innovation and transparency?

Start A Project

The Process.

How We Offer Brand Consulting and Development Services

01. Brand Strategy Workshop.

We sit down together to get clear on your brand purpose and positioning.

The workshop takes a deep-dive into clarifying the 5 P’s of Branding: Positioning, Purpose, Promise, Product, and Personality.

02. Brand Identity.

Brand identity is way more than a logo. Let’s create unique and memorable visuals that resonate with your audience and evoke emotional responses. This service includes Logo design, Brand Guidelines, and Branded stationery.

03. Brand Experience.

Make a positive impact on the feelings of your ideal customers. This service includes Branded social media.

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Shoot us with your hottest questions.

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